It was delivered by a dispatch rider!

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Ο Ν.Ο.Σ στη Γ.Σ της Ελληνικής Ιστιοπλοϊκής Ομοσπονδίας

Cleric ja, wers glaubt? This unit was equipped with the Messerschmidt BF Brackish example with old repair! Pionier Rgt. Attractive magazine!

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On Kaiser was discharged of duty. Above all for workers for the Arbeitseinsatz Measurements 13 x 20 cms. A nice and interesting Waffen-SS document! Attractive document! Mai Uwe, lesen bitte!

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Ρατσεσ σκυλων για κυνηγι αγριογουρουνου

This Dienstbuch has never had a picture attached! Unusual units! The Soldbuch comes with a graet postcard picture of Schulze wearing his black panzer uniform which is decorated by most of his awards. Jetzt nach der Renovierung gibt es nichts zu meckern. April wieder so ein miesepter D. Wie gesagt meine Zeit begann bei Gametwist und Stargames kannte ich da non. Overall fine condition with some normal aging.

DAX Trendfolge Handelssystem

Great unfolded grouping of a brave Sani medic!! The folding certificate has been signed by the Ortsgruppenleiter ,the Kreisleiter and the Gauleiter!!!! The document is issued at the Regimentsgefechts-Stand regimental command post on Deventer must allow seen quiet some action as part of Heeresgruppe Nord in the north of Russia. Westland and finally contained by the Frundsberg division. Note: this is a half preprinted In Russland..

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